Winter Essentials.

I got a TON of questions at work this weekend about my heated scarf I wore for high school football playoffs, so I thought I’d do a post on my favorite cold weather essentials!

These are all perfect for chilly football games as a fan or for work like me.

  1. This heated scarf. I got this as a gift last Christmas and I was so excited to break it out for football season this week. Seriously life changing. It takes three AA batteries.
  2.  Smart wool socks. If you don’t have anything smart wool, you’re missing out. I swear by these socks in the winter and my mom loves their zip-ups and gloves too! They have men’s accessories as well if you need Christmas gift ideas!
  3. Fleece leggings. I’ve always debated whether leggings or jeans were warmer during the winter… until I got these leggings at Athleta last year. They are fleece lined and so amazing. Athleta has a ton of great cold weather gear.

    Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 1.13.08 AM

  4. Sorel boots. I got my first pair of Sorel boots at the end of college and I haven’t turned back since. These are by far my favorite winter boots. They are warm, but also waterproof so there’s no snow leakage going on in there.Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 1.22.19 AM
  5. And lastly, hand warmers. This may seem like an obvious one, but hand warmers are key in staying warm when you’re outside for extended periods of time. I also recently bought toe warmers. The ones I bought were sticky on the bottom and you could place them right where you want in your boots/shoes. I would buy a bunch and keep them in your car, purse, backpack, etc all winter. Great in case of emergencies! (Wow I sound like my mom).

I hope this was helpful!! Living in Michigan for the past 7-8 years has taught me some things about surviving cold winters and how to survive cold football games, too!


Top Five World Series Moments.

The 2017 World Series may have been one of the craziest yet. Here are some of my favorite moments throughout the seven game series between the Dodgers and Astros.

  1. For Detroit fans it was pretty incredible to finally see Justin Verlander win his first World Series championship. As sad as it was for Tigers fans to see him go this year, it obviously worked out pretty well for both JV and the Astros and it was pretty cool to see him so happy. Verlander is getting married this weekend in Italy to Kate Upton. Talk about a victory week for that dude.
  2. Speaking of marriage… call me cheesy but the Astros shortstop Carlos Correa’s proposal after they won was pretty adorable. I mean why not win a World Series and then propose on live tv right?! So awesome.
  3. Houston strong. There’s something about cities after disaster strikes. The Red Sox won the World Series after the Boston Marathon bombing, the Saints won the Super Bowl after Hurricane Katrina, and now the Astros after Hurricane Harvey?! I know a lot of people were rooting for the Astros for that reason, and to see everyone come together in such a hard time added a whole other element to the win.
  4. Well you can’t talk about this series without talking about Game 5. In case you missed it or forgot, the Astros 10-inning, 13-12 win over the Dodgers was one of the most exciting games ever. Over five hours and seven home runs?! Whoever thinks baseball is boring is CRAZY! I was so glad I stayed up for that whole game.
  5. And lastly, we HAVE to talk about the 2014 Sports Illustrated Cover. I might be behind the times, but when I found out about this during Game 7 my mind was blown. If you don’t know, the 2014 Sports Illustrated Cover predicted that the Astros would win the World Series in 2017 AND the photo they used on the cover was of George Springer. Not only did this come true, but Springer won the World Series MVP.

Seriously, this World Series was pretty epic and hats off to the Dodgers who had an incredible run and deserved to be there just as much. One of my favorite series to watch and I loved that it went to seven games for the second year in a row!

NLCS Recap.

All good things come to an end, right?

Well the Chicago Cubs quest for another World Series Title officially came to an end on Thursday night after falling to the Dodgers 11-1 and that score really says it all. Pitching and offense are huge in the playoffs and the Cubs really struggled on both fronts in this series.

The Cubs scored a total of 8 runs in the 5 game series while LA put up 22 runs. Plus, guys like Rizzo and Bryant weren’t quite themselves at the plate.

The Chicago bullpen was another issue… 53 walks in 10 postseason games. And if your offense is stagnant, your pitching needs to be on. Looks like the Cubs are missing Chapman this season…

But all that being said, three consecutive NLCS appearances is something to be proud of. The Cubs went from years of disappointment (yes I was raised a Cubs fan so I know) to three years of playing well into October with a young team. That is a definitely an accomplishment. An exhausting accomplishment at that.

Oh yeah and the Dodgers? They are going to the World Series for the first time since 1988 and they deserve it. Clayton Kershaw deserves it.

Kershaw was lights out on Thursday night and his offense helped out just a little… Kike Hernandez hit three homers, including a third inning grand slam that pretty much put it away. Kershaw will start in Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday.

College Advice.

Ahh… the college days. I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss them. I probably had the fewest responsibilities (besides studying), and I was constantly surrounded by all my friends.

While college is definitely a time to have fun (and lots of it), it’s also a time to prepare for the real world. Here are a few things I wish I could tell my college self.

1. You can never be too well informed.

No matter what career path you choose, always know your stuff. If you’re in sports broadcasting like me, you can never be too well informed about a team, their stats, their history… DO YOUR HOMEWORK. It’s so important to know what you’re talking about. You should constantly be learning.

Nope, the learning unfortunately doesn’t stop after college.

2. Get as much experience as you can.

Nothing prepares you for the real world like real life experiences. You should not pass up any opportunities you have to get those experiences.

Work for free, say yes, and soak up more information!! You won’t regret it.

3. Network, network, network.

You probably already know this, but networking is EVERYTHING. It goes hand-in-hand with the above, too. Take every opportunity you can get and network with everyone you can when you do it.

In pretty much every industry these days, connections are the key to success. You never know who may be able to help you out in the future.


4. Confidence is key.

This one hasn’t always been the easiest for me to be honest. In today’s day in age it is so easy to play the comparison game. This person is doing this on social media, and this person just got that opportunity.

STOP. Stop comparing yourself to others. Be confident in who YOU are.

A confident person seems much more prepared, ready, and willing to do whatever it takes. Trust me, people will notice.

5.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Alright so you studied up, you took an opportunity, you connected with others, and you clearly had the confidence to get where you are, but it doesn’t stop there.

Ask questions. Get better. Make more connections. Continue to grow.

None of this happens if you don’t ask questions. Even if you know the answer or think you know the answer, someone else’s insight may be helpful.


The District Detroit.

If you’ve ever wondered what $1 billion looks like, you can now head to downtown Detroit for your answer.

People have been talking about The District Detroit for a while now, and it is finally all becoming a reality as the brand new Little Caesar’s Arena opened its doors this fall. This past week I was able to take in the new arena while covering the Red Wings regular season home opener.

The Red Wings started off the day with a red carpet event in the Chevrolet Plaza and the atmosphere was amazing.

With an abundance of new restaurants and stores, there is pretty much everything you could want right inside the arena. Many people were wondering why the arena looked so empty on TV, but I truly think everyone was out exploring everything the stadium has to offer!

There are statues from Joe Louis Arena, the letters from Olympia stadium, and tons of unique details all around the stadium. There didn’t seem to be as much Pistons memorabilia, but of course, the lights and apparel all change over to Pistons colors on game day.

Inside the actual arena, the lighting and jumbotron were amazing. The lights on the ceiling were lit up like an American flag during the national anthem, and the video production was all incredible.

It is going to be so cool to see the evolution of The District Detroit as they continue to build and add on to the surrounding area in the coming years. They are still not done building apartments, condos, etc but the area is truly going to be incredible. I think it’s going to be awesome for Detroit to have all four professional teams right downtown.

Won’t it be something if the Tigers make the playoffs in a few years and all four teams could be playing at the same time!? That would really be something haha.

Four Downs.

This week has been full of drama in the sports world, so I’m going to briefly touch on some of the hot topics in this week’s four downs.


Wednesday night the Cubs officially repeated as NL Central champs for the second year in a row while in St. Louis taking on the Cardinals.

I was actually born in St. Louis, but raised in the suburbs of Chicago. My mom was there on Wednesday for the Cubs 5-1 win and has been to a TON of games this year. Do you think they can make it all the way again?! Still a lot of baseball left.


By the way, four former Tigers that were traded away this year are now headed to the playoffs. Salt in wound for Detroit…


Paying college athletes has been a long debated topic in the NCAA because of the amount of money that athletes bring into universities.

This week, college basketball took center stage as the FBI announced its investigation into alleged fraud and corruption among various NCAA programs. The FBI stated that those involved, “contributed to a pay-to-play culture that has no business in college basketball.”

One of the coaches wrapped up in this is investigation is Louisville’s Rick Pitino, who was placed on unpaid administrative leave on Wednesday due to the allegations. It’s pretty crazy to see all of the companies, universities, and coaches involved in this. Where should the line be drawn in terms of profiting off of student-athletes? I wonder if this will change any NCAA rules.


Speaking of fraud and corruption in the NCAA, I decided to re-read one of my favorite books this fall, The Opening Kickoff.


Big Ten Network’s, Dave Revsine, wrote this book on the story of college football, how Americans became so football obsessed and the scandals and fraud that came along with it. It’s interesting to read that fraud and corruption are in fact not a new concept in college athletics. Highly recommend!


I like to end my fourth downs on a fun one, so now that the brief heat wave is over in Michigan I am even more excited for fall.

One thing I am most excited about… APPLE ORCHARDS! I haven’t been to one yet and I’m totally craving an apple cider donut. Is there anything better?! The cinnamon sugar ones are for sure the best, but the plain apple cider donuts will suffice as well.


4(th) Down with 10 to go.

Week 4 of college football is officially in the books, with 10 weeks left through conference championships. Let’s check in with the Big Ten.

One of my favorite games of the weekend? Penn State barely squeaking by Iowa. The Nittany Lions had an 80 yard drive to end the game, scoring with seconds left on the clock to top the Hawkeyes 21-19.

The most impressive part of that game though was Saquon Barkley who had 358 all-purpose yards and straight up looked like a video game.

Penn State remains at No. 4 in the rankings this week after that win, but I think it proved the Big Ten is a little bit open for teams like Michigan, Ohio State, and Wisconsin to give the Nittany Lions some competition.

Michigan topped Purdue this weekend with their backup QB John O’Korn at the helm after Wilton Speight fell to injury in the first quarter and Penn State is certainly going to be a tough matchup for the Wolverines in Week 8.

Michigan remains at No. 8 this week heading into their bye week, before facing Michigan State on Oct. 7, who was outperformed by Notre Dame this past weekend in East Lansing. The young Spartans made some mistakes, but Michigan has some improving to do on offense as well so you can bet that rivalry game in Week 6 is going to be a good one no matter what.

Speaking of Notre Dame, who obviously isn’t in the Big Ten, but are they the real deal this year? Brian Kelly certainly needed them to improve and with their second consecutive road win, the Fighting Irish may be better than expected this year. That win over MSU got them back in the Top 25 this week at No. 22.

What are your Big Ten predictions in the coming weeks?!